We want to solve the funding problem for local government

GovFunds is committed to making funding accessible for every local government in the United States. Our focus is on ensuring that community heroes, from first responders to educators, have the resources they need. Our objective is to streamline the funding process, using our technology platform and expertise to address funding challenges faced by communities. We aim to provide practical solutions that help local governments not only meet their current needs but also plan effectively for future challenges. As local governance evolves, our goal is to be a reliable resource that supports ongoing community development and resilience.


About us

Founded with a deep commitment to community support, GovFunds specializes in helping local governments secure funding for essential projects. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with expert services, offering comprehensive solutions to both vendors and government entities. Our diverse team brings together expertise in areas like grant writing, vendor sales, venture capital, and emergency response.

Our technology platform, developed in partnership with the Department of Commerce’s R2 Network, is designed to close gaps in innovation for disaster response. This initiative, supported by the Economic Development Administration, First Responder Network Authority, and National Institute of Standards and Technology, has involved significant collaboration with public safety agencies. The result of three years of focused effort and a substantial investment, GovFunds is dedicated to improving the efficiency of how local governments and their partners respond to and prepare for various community needs.