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How it works

Fill out the request form below and to speak with an TheSheriffApp account representative and receive a quote. Your Account Representative will then set you up with a GovFunds Grant Specialist that will provide a list of grant opportunities and tools to help you while your department is applying for grants.


Our Grant Specialists will work with law enforcement, fire departments, and municipal government agencies to source potential funding opportunities and coach them through the grant process.

What is the cost

The Grant Coaching Program is FREE! We provide professional grant consultation and advice at NO CHARGE to you. We desire to see your department receive the funding you need to save lives!

7-Step Funding Process with GovFunds

  • Step 1

    Fill Out Interest Form

  • Step 2

    Meet with TheSheriffApp Team

  • Step 3

    Complete Onboard Process

  • Step 4

    Meet with GovFunds

  • Step 5

    Apply for Grants

  • Step 6

    Follow Up with Grantors

  • Step 7

    Project Funded

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